Where is the best place to Sell Gold in Manchester?

A. There are many places in Manchester that buy Scrap and unwanted Gold from the general public, lots of high street Buyers pay only a fraction of the prices we pay, we absolutely guarantee to beat any genuine quote you receive from any Manchester based Gold Buyer, Jeweler etc. You can come to us or we can come to you in Manchester

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We Pay More Cash For Gold Than Any Gold Buyers in Manchester.

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When you sell gold to us at our offices, we weigh and calculate the price of your gold with you not hidden away in a back room behind a counter in a shop. We deduct nothing from the price per gram we advertise as many internet Buyers are known to do and we test all your non-hallmarked items correctly in-front of you, some Gold Buyers in Manchester have been known to pay their 9 carat price for non-hallmarked 14, 18 and even 22ct items, unfortunately ripping their customers off.

So if you are wondering where the best place in Manchester to sell Gold is, by all means shop around first we would always recommend you do this, then give us a call on 0113 815 1878 to make an appointment to sell your gold for a genuine cash price.

We buy Gold of customers throughout the uk including Manchester

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