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We buy silver for the highest cash price in Leeds & West Yorkshire.
Don't be blinded by the current price of gold as the price of Silver is also at its highest,
Many customers we bought Silver from in Leeds have been very surprised at the price they receive for their Silver,
especially when selling Silver Tea Sets and cutlery as they are often worth in excess of £500

Janice Dillon of Pudsey, Leeds said
"I stored an old Silver tea set in my attic for years, i  never thought in a million years i would be able to sell it for £1050"

We Buy All Silver For Cash
We buy all Silver for Cash in Leeds & West Yorkshire including Silver Jewellery, Tea Sets, Cutlery, Pocket Watches, Ingots, Bars, Coins, Trays, Platters, Ornaments etc. We Pay insant Cash, Check today's Silver Buying Price Here