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Why Sell Your Gold & Silver to us?

1. We are a proven to be an honest and trustworthy company and we continue to build our business around this. Many gold buyers, in our opinion are not offering the public an honest Gold buying service, with some of them under weighing your Gold and not paying the correct prices for higher carat items, some of them deduct excessive weight for stones and also many of them have started to offer reasonable prices for 9 carat gold and when it comes to your higher carat gold they often offer much lower prices than they should.

2. We use the correct acids to carry out a simple test on any non hallmarked gold jewelery, coins etc you may have. This way you will be paid or the correct carat of gold you have. Many Gold buyers just simply test it to confirm it is gold then they pay you their 9 carat Gold Price or it, this could easily lose you hundreds of pounds.

3. Our Prices are Fantastic and genuine too. The prices we advertise are the exact prices we pay, we do not deduct anything from our prices. 

4. Our Service is the most secure and easiest way to sell gold. If you live in Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and want to Sell Gold To Us At Our Offices in Leeds City Centre for The Best Available Price in West Yorkshire, Give us a call on 0113 815 1878

Why You Should Sell Gold To Us in Leeds