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We buy all Gold for Cash in Manchester, although we are based in Leeds we have second office in Manchester City Centre, if you would like to take advantage of our fantastic gold buying prices and you live in Manchester, first of all check today's buying prices on our Price Calculator on our homepage, then contact us to make an appointment to sell your unwanted Gold to at our office on Hardman Street (just behind Piccadilly).

At the appointment we will separate your gold into carats, weigh them and calculate the value using the exact prices shown on our calculator and pay you in cash,
When you sell gold to us, be it at our Manchester offices or in Leeds, we guarantee to pay you the exact prices we advertise, No Fees or Deductions.

Our Gold buying service is honest and professional, we pay each and every customer the best possible prices on the day. Many jewellers and other Gold Buyers in Manchester do not offer a fair service, i personally know this through experience. Selling gold that does not have a full british hallmark for a good price in Manchester can be quite a task on the high street. As many gold buyers tend to reduce their price because the gold is "foreign" and "not as good as british gold". This of course is nonsense, we will fully test all non hallmarked items and we pay our advertised prices for all Gold without excuses. We remove all worthless stones in front of you so we can pay you for  the exact weight of gold you have, another trick used by Gold buyers in Manchester and throughout the uk is to over estimate the weight of stones in their favour, this alone can lose you over £60 for just a few grams of 18ct.

We buy all Gold including, Gold Jewellery, Coins, Sovereigns, Krugerrands, Watches, Contact us today to sell gold to us in Manchester on 0113 815 1878 (leeds head office)

No Postal Risks and No Gold Buyers Tricks

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