Handheld Gold XRF Analyzer For Sale UK - If you are in the jewellery or precious metal buying trade, you will understand how important it is to identify the carat of gold your customers are selling to you. Handheld Precious Metal Analyzers solve the problem of identifying the true carat of gold each and every one of your customers have to sell. The process of testing a customers jewellery and gold coins can be complete in a matter of seconds. No need for the unreliable acid test with one of these beauties.

Handheld XRF Analyzer For Sale UK

Buy Handheld XRF Precious Metal Analyzer UK

As a gold jewellery buyer, the main things you would want to test with a handheld xrf analyzer are gold jewellery, gold bars as we know many can be fake, gold pins, gold plated items, gold coins such as krugerrands and sovereign coins.

Also with a handheld xrf analyser you can test other metals such as silver, platinum, copper and nickel, which of course is very handy for anyone who buys and sells precious metals for a living.

Another important factor you should consider when looking to buy a handheld xrf analyzer for your jewellery and precious metal buying business is the trust your customers will have in you if can accurately test their jewellery pieces with such an accurate piece of equipment, rather than the dodgy lookin acid test used by hundreds of shops across the UK.

Price of Handheld XRF Metal Analyzers For Sale in the UK

The prices of handheld XRF scanners can vary in the UK. Websites such as ebay have them for sale for as much as £13k and at the time of writing this there are a couple on there for around £6k. Sites such as Hitachi sell them and you can request pricing and a demo via their website here. Olympus also sell quite a popular xrf analyzer called the Delta XRF Analyzer in the UK, take a look at a full demo of it below.
If you require a bigger than handheld xrf analyser in the UK, you can view a demo of it in the video below There is a company called Bowman that sells much bigger ones just like the one in the video below (watch the video to see a full demo of it).