There is a really simple way to sell your scrap gold for top prices per gram if you live in Gwynedd.

If you have sold scrap gold previously, you will kick yourself when you realise how easy it can be to sell your scrap gold to the same company that companies like your local jeweller/scrap gold buyer in Gwynedd sells the gold they buy from people like you to.

And also how you can cut the middle man out, ultimately getting a better price for your scrap gold.

Sell Gold and Scrap Gold in Gwynedd

I'm sure you'll agree that if you want to sell gold in Gwynedd for a good price, it isn't an easy task. And that most local jewellers and gold buyers should be paying more cash for scrap gold, jewellery and gold coins.

Today I am going to tell you how by following the advice on our site, we have helped people sell at least £92000 (as of 29/03/2017) worth of scrap gold, jewellery and gold coins that we know of by following the information on this page. Each customer received up to 40% more money for their gold than they would have done from their local gold buyer.

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I also reveal 2 cheeky tricks jewellers and gold buyers in Gwynedd and across the UK are known to use to get your scrap gold for less and I will tell you how to avoid becoming a victim of one of the many companies that do it.

Because the knowledge you will gain on this page about the tricks used by jewellers, it will enable you to avoid them and maximise the total amount of money you sell your gold for if you live in Gwynedd


Everybody who has tried to sell gold in Gwynedd should agree that it is hard to decide on a place to sell gold, scrap gold and gold coins including the famous Krugerrand and of course the British sovereign coin in Gwynedd. There are hundreds of places locally that you could sell your gold to, many high street Gold Buyers in Gwynedd pay a small fraction of the prices you can receive for your scrap and unwanted gold.

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Read about the tricks used by jewellers/gold buyers in Gwynedd and across the United Kingdom below:

Sell Gold in Gwynedd Tips

Over the years there have been many tricks used by gold buyers to help them buy scrap gold from the public for less than a fair price.

1/ Probably the most popular scam used by gold buyers is the 'Stone Trick'. Jewellers will weigh your scrap jewellery with worthless glass stones still attached to your scrap gold.

They then estimate the weight of the stones and subtract the estimated weight from your total weight of gold.

The problem is many gold buyers in Gwynedd and across Scotland and the UK have been known to over estimate the weight of the worthless stones in peoples jewellery.

For Example:

You call into a local jeweller in Gwynedd to sell some scrap gold jewellery. The jeweller weighs your items with the stones still attached. He then tells you that the stones 'probably' weigh 3 grams, when the truth is that they are normally very light and will barely weigh a single gram, he then tells you that he will deduct 3 grams from the total gold weight and then multiply it by the price per gram they are paying on the day.

Depending on the carat of gold you are trying to sell this could cost you £50!

That's not the only Trick they use, here is another that you really need to avoid if you want to sell gold in Gwynedd and the UK

2/ The carat scam, this is where the jeweller offers their 9 carat gold buying prices for higher carat gold such as 14 carat, 18 carat, 22 carat and 24. They do this to people who they think do not know the carat of gold they have in their possession.

This could lose you a lot of money seeing as though 18 carat gold is worth twice as much as 9 carat gold.

You can avoid falling for this old chestnut by simply knowing the carat of gold that you have. Below is a simple hallmark guide that should help you identify the carat of your gold jewellery.

Sell Scrap Gold in Gwynedd

Sell Gold in Gwynedd Hallmark or Not

Not all scrap gold that people want to sell is hallmarked, if your gold does not carry a hallmark it is important you sell your scrap gold to a trusted gold buyer like the company we recommend via the links above and below. A trusted gold buyer will always fully test your non hallmarked scrap gold to correctly identify it's gold content (carat).

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