Sell a Silver Tea Set For A Top Cash Price in Leeds
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Do Leeds Gold Buyers Buy All Silver Tea Sets? Yes, We buy all Silver Tea Sets For Top Cash Prices in Leeds. Call us today to make an appointment to sell a Sterling or Continental Silver Tea Set For Cash to us at our offices in Leeds city centre or by home appointment in West Yorkshire on 0113 815 1878.

Sell a silver tea set in Leeds
We will and do buy all solid silver tea sets in Leeds Silver is a valuable, precious metal with quite a significant value. Although not as high as gold you will be surprised at the current value of silver, especially when the silver in question is a heavy silver tea set. Silver should be sold by weight or at least most of it unless of course you have an antique georgian tea set in perfect condition or such other antique items you should sell it as an item although it is very important you take the weight factor into consideration as many antique dealers will offer you far less than the actual scrap value. We buy all silver by weight, we weigh it in front of you and make you a cash offer, identical to the prices shown on our calculator on our homepage. If you think you may have a silver tea set which is antique we may offer you above scrap prices for it. Call us to make an appointment to sell a silver tea set to us for cash in Leeds or feel free to make an appointment to get a free no obligation quote from us on 0113 815 1878.